This tube reflex sight with red reticle offers a wide 30mm front lens, an intelligent Shake Awake™ technology, a long operating life, and a durable alumin housing such as a Cantilever mount.

With our reflex sights you get a military-grade quality at an unbeatable price-performance ratio – without any compromises. They allow to focus your target with both eyes open. Thanks to this the sights are ideal for hunters, sports marksmen, authorities, and airsofter. Besides the multi reticle system (500 line) and the solar models (C-line) all optics offer an intelligent Shake Awake™ technology for an extraordinary long operating life, a parallax-free performance, a bevelled front lens (micros, tubes) and 12 brightness levels for manual brightness control. Our sights can also easily be combined with aiming lasers and night vision devices.


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