Focusable infrared camera IR-25 VOx for wild game viewing, scouting, rescue or for use by authorities

The new JSA IR-25 VOx thermal imaging device is based on the well-known JSA IR-415 VOx. However, with the new 720×540 pixel LCOS screen, it offers optimized viewing behavior, which not only benefits glasses wearers. The proven 400X300 pixel VOx detector ensures a very high-contrast image display. This device is also characterized by its ease of use. Each button has only two functions, there is no submenu. The optical magnification is 1.2x. Thus, the device has a very large field of view (14.0×10.5 degrees) and is particularly suitable for forest and grazing. Images and videos can be recorded on your mobile phone using an app. The built-in battery has an operating time of up to 5 hours, but can also be supported by a USB power bank (optional) and thus generate an operating time of well over 10 hours. Depending on the capacity of the USB Power Bank. 25mm germanium lens with manual focus.

The warranty period is 2 years, we grant 1 year for the battery.


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